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Melissa ClemoMelissa Clemo 

I keep getting the same error: Challenge Not yet complete..

I keep getting the same error:  Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  Some billing state names do not meet data quality standards, or the data import was unsuccessful.
Helen ParkHelen Park
Melissa, were you able to find out how to fix this issue?
I'm getting the same thing...
Melissa ClemoMelissa Clemo
I never found a way around this issue. I was so beyond frustrated. I tried new playgrounds, did all the work again and still got the same error message. I am trying really hard to get the full understanding of the projects, but when I am not doing anything wrong and keep getting an error message – it’s frustrating
Helen ParkHelen Park
Thank you for replying! I finally did get through this challenge. Someone pointed out that I had removed "household" from each account name, which wasn't part of the instructions. I didn't want to create yet another playground so I did a mass delete of the accounts I had added. Added back "household" to each of the accounts on my .csv file and re-imported it. After that, I was able to pass the challenge. The error message was misleading...
Trapti Sharma 10Trapti Sharma 10
Thanks alot Helen..I did the same and got passed.
Nouman khan 22Nouman khan 22

Hey All,

Dear, Helen & Trapti

 I am also facing same issue last 3 days even I tried more than 10 Times, will you please share your csv after making quality data?

Nouman khan