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Nadav GrossNadav Gross 

Can you make Einstein Activity Capture and Apex EmailMessage/Task triggers to work together?

Hey everyone,

We were quick to buy into Salesforce Inbox; Perhaps too quick, as now it turns out, after 10 days of correspondence with Salesforce's support team, that emails captured by Einstein Activity Capture are not registered in neither the EmailMessage or Task database, by default.

So, in the existing situation, solely because we have Einstein Activity Capture enabled, even emails we send from within lead records in Salesforce do not get registered at all as EmailMessage or Task objects; This means we cannot set triggers, Apex or Workflow, on incoming or outgoing emails.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Have you found any workaround or solution to this, including using a different app instead of Inbox? We were not aware that Inbox prevents using triggers on emails, and interestingly enough this little piece of information is also nowhere to be found in Inbox's documentation (or at least, I have not been able to find it).
Nadav GrossNadav Gross
After several calls with Salesforce's support, we were told it's just not possible to have Einsten Activity Capture log the emails as Task or EmailMessage objects, and that all emails go to a different database once Einstein Activity Capture is enabled. As such, we're now looking at replacements for Inbox, mainly Cirrus Logic and Ebsta, both of which do not seem to have this problem (the emails they capture are logged as Task objects, enabling us to set triggers as usual).
Meddi OuakimMeddi Ouakim
We seam to have trouble with it too as we are not able to report on emails fetched with Einstein Activity Capture. That's a dealbraker for us too. 
Meddi OuakimMeddi Ouakim
Nadav: What did you end up using instead of Inbox?
Nadav GrossNadav Gross
Hey Meddi,

We've switched to Mixmax, which I can recommend wholeheartedly; It does everything Inbox used to, but stores the messages as Task and EmailMessage objects (allowing to set triggers on incoming and outgoing messages). It also does a lot more, such as scheduling, drip campaigns (we use that to automate follow-ups), etc.
Hello @[Austin Tam] or anyone from the SForce email/einstein team, can you give some comments to the previous questions?

Is there any plan to make email messages added by EinsteinActivity capture queriable via SOQL? How about having them exactly as enhanced emails, i.e. with an EmailMessage object and a Task + EmailStatus that tracks opening?

We'd hate to have to buy an add-on such as MixMax, but that would be a pity as it would be wasted budget that could easily get used with a salesforce product that would provide more value.

Can you provide some clarity?

Nadav GrossNadav Gross

I'd be happy to have them answer that as well; Although I must admit I'm skeptic they have any solution in mind. It was our impression that Inbox is a side product that most Salesforce staff are completely unfamiliar with. It took us 3 weeks of talks with their support team to even get the answer that objects not being created is by design and not a bug, most support agents we've talked with had no idea that that's the case!

So my impression is that Inbox isn't going to get much love from Salesforce, as they don't see it important or central enough to have proper documentation on the website, trained support agents, or any kind of roadmap.

By now we have discovered that Mixmax has so much more in store as well, very feature-rich, and actively developed and improved, so I don't see us moving away from them anyway. I really recommend trialling it, you're probably going to stop looking at anything else :)

Hello Nadav,

you are not a MixMax spammer right?! Joking. Which other alternatives have you tried?

We found that most of them will be in the 50 usd / user / month to have SForce integration. This is really a deal breaker as it's basically a +50% on crm cost. Too much just to be able to programmatically access EmailMessage.

Hello SForce, independently from Inbox, which is not really under discussion in my opinion as it has a much wider feature set, do you think that we'll have Einstein Activity Capture Standard (i.e. free with Sales Cloud licenses) integrated with EmailMessage objects that can be queried via SOQL? 

Nadav GrossNadav Gross

Haha, no, just a recently acquired fan :)

We have trialled Yesware and Cirrus before going for Mixmax. We also looked at the higher end of such software (e.g, Salesloft and but our team wasn't ready to make full use of their feature sets. You're right about the $50/user/month, that's indeed the neighborhood for Mixmax, Yesware, Cirrus and many of the other "SME Emailers". Salesloft and some of the more professional ones are usually at around $90-$100, but of course they do a whole lot more than just email logging.

Mixmax also has a scheduling tool built into it, so that offset the cost a bit for us (we were using Calendly for that beforehand).

What I can say is that from our prespective, the cost saving easily covers the $50/month. The Salesforce automation (that happens thanks to EmailMessage objects being created) and the drip campaign functionality (which we use to fully automate follow-ups) reduced our cost by more than $50/person/month.

From my viewpoint, the cost of Salesforce CRM licenses is usually just the start; Almost any product I found that has a native integration for SFDC charges extra for that, and no matter what at the end of the day you'll be spending more on apps and integrations than SFDC itself. But it's worth it, otherwise you're either stuck with tons of manual work or have to dedicate your own dev resources to build custom integrations, both were bad for us.

livinkin gstonslivinkin gstons
Hello SForce, independently from Inbox, which is not really under discussion in my opinion as it  showbox ( has a much wider feature set, do you think that we'll have Einstein Activity Capture Standard (i.e. free with Sales Cloud licenses) integrated with EmailMessage objects that can be queried via SOQL? usps tracking (
Sales DirectoraiSales Directorai
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Zach Hall 19Zach Hall 19
Does anyone else have an update on this?  With EAC activities being stored in AWS, I would like to be able to run triggers against these.  Note that it also messes up the "last activity date" fields that many people rely on since these rely on Sf-stored activities.