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Paul Johnson 40Paul Johnson 40 

Can't complete "Customize Compact Layouts" challenge: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The 'Showing Mobile Layout' compact layout does not appear to have the following fields in this order: Subject, Start, Property, Name.

I beg to differ with it.  What am I missing?  TIA.

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Hey Paul,
My first take here would be to look at the API names of all of the fields and make sure they are correct -- IE, the API name is spelled correctly and is as specified in the module.  If everything looks right, drop the name of the module you're working on and I'll take a closer look.
Paul Johnson 40Paul Johnson 40
Hi Reid -- the API names are correct, I believe.  The module I'm on is Admin Beginner->Salesforce Mobile App Customization->
Customize Compact Layouts.  Thanks!

Paul Johnson 40Paul Johnson 40
I finally figured it out -- turns out there was a checkbox from the PREVIOUS unit that I'd missed.  Once I went through and caught that it passed ok.  The error message was a little mis-leading... :)

Claudia Mota 16Claudia Mota 16
Hi Paul, Im with the same problem, Im stuck in this challenge.
How did you can resolve this problem ?

Paul Johnson 40Paul Johnson 40
Hi Claudia – I ended up going back to the PREVIOUS module and checking my objects there. I found a check box I hadn’t checked – fixing that solved the problem for the next module. Go figure… ☺ Paul