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Sultan IsnainsyahSultan Isnainsyah 

Service Cloud Macros - Create and Run Macros on Social Case - Can't complete

Hi guys, so, I have Salesforce Service Cloud, and on it, I made a settings to receives cases on social (Facebook & twitter) and on Email. on a daily basis, my organization receives 10K complaints  I once created a reply macro for email and it worked. the reason for this if for my team to reply email in a massive amount. this is what I have on email mass reply macro:

1. Select Active Case Tab
2. Select Close Case Action
3. Set Status: Process
4. Submit Action
5. Select Email Action
6. Set From Address:
7. Apply Email Template: [template name]
8. Submit Action


Then, I tried to do similar thing on the social case, and it didn't work. This is what I have on social case macro:

1. Select Active Case Tab
2. Select Social Action
3. Set Message Type: Reply
4. Insert into Message: [quick text]
5. Submit Action
6. Select Create Activity Action
7. Set Group: [issue code group]
8. Set Issue Code: [issue code number]
9. Submit Action
10. Select Close Case Action
11. Set Status: Process
12. Submit Action

It is has different accordance, since it has different business process, but I'm sure every step is correct, yet, it still didn't work. Is macro only work for email? Is there any social case macro best practice example?
Hi Sultan,

though I never tried macros for the social case but as far as I know and salesforce documentation says, it should be possible.

In your step four, try changing the instruction from Insert into Message to Insert in to Body. Its a wild guess, I am not sure if this will work or not. 

Cheers, Dev
Sultan IsnainsyahSultan Isnainsyah
thanks Dev. Tried that, it seems in social case we can only use macro when we open the active case tab
well it could be. Sorry, I cannot be more helpful in this case. :-( . But could you mark your own answer as best answer and close the question. Thanks.