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Changing the owner of the Account record failed to update the 'Account_Owner_Name_Process__c' field for the Case object . Make sure that the process is correct and that it is activated.

I can't pass this challenge Process Design Without Limits Learn About Object Design-Time Limits. I have below error message. Can anypne please help.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Changing the owner of the Account record failed to update the 'Account_Owner_Name_Process__c' field for the Case object . Make sure that the process is correct and that it is activated.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Try to remove the entry criteria on the Process builder and also refer below link for similar discussion.
Please mark it as solved if my reply was helpful. It will make it available for other as the proper solution.
Best Regards
I tried with above link, its failed. Case object: Account Owner Name (Process) field will get update after process builder activates but challenge is not passed. They mentioned some, i couldn't understand this.

NOTE: If you have to fix the process to pass the challenge, you should delete the one you created and start a new one.
Chris Matthews 1Chris Matthews 1
me too. mine is working and labeled correctly but not passing. 
Andrew Naples 12Andrew Naples 12
I had this same issue, but then followed Sandhya's advice and it worked. 
David Ankori 16David Ankori 16

It looks like a bug in the Trailhead checking process. 
The solution:

Build additional Process Builder (to the one that you're already built). This additional Process will updates "Account Owner Name (Process)" when the case is created. set it to do the follow:
Object: Case
Start the process: only when a record is created.
Creteria: No criteria—just execute the actions!
Immediate Action: Copy the Case acocunt owner name to the field - Field: Account Owner Name (Process), Type: Formula, Value: [Case].Account.Owner.LastName & " " & [Case].Account.Owner.FirstName 

Make sure the Firstname and Fastname here are in the same order as the Process Builder you've created for the challenge.
Activate the Process. Run the Challenge check again.

It worked for me. hope this will help you.
Francis CrumpFrancis Crump
Did not work for me, but nice thought.  I've done all of the things on all sites and no fix.
Ashish Gupta 156Ashish Gupta 156

Installed the package in a brand new/different playground and it worked like a charm!


David Ankori's suggestion worked for me - this really highlights why you SHOULDN'T do what the trailhead is doing! I bet there is logical problem with their test class where the account update is occurring prior to case create or similar.
Prajakta Rane RanePrajakta Rane Rane
You are correct David. I had to create 2 process builders. One for Account and Case and it worked. Thanks
Touseef Ahmed MohammedTouseef Ahmed Mohammed
The solution is simple. Just while creating the Field on Case object Make sure you are creating the field with Name: Account Owner Name (Process) and API name are Account_Owner_Name_Process__c. and then start building the Process builder.

It worked for me and I am sure this will work for you as well.
Ryan Ingersoll 30Ryan Ingersoll 30
I have tried all variations of this with process builder, and tried multiple orgs.  All fail. 
Ayan Pramanik 17Ayan Pramanik 17
Update your own user name with the first name as 'Person2' and last name as 'Test'.
The test code assertion is checking against this name
César RodríguezCésar Rodríguez
If you're still having trouble getting through this challenge, check the formula you're using in the immediate action. You'd normally assume that Account Owner Name (Process) would need to be set to the following formula:
   [Account].Owner.FirstName &" "& [Account].Owner.LastName

Well, that's not the case. It's not outlined in the instructions but, to pass the challenge, the order needs to be reversed:
   [Account].Owner.LastName &" "& [Account].Owner.FirstName
Rahul Kumar 652Rahul Kumar 652

For completing the given challenge you have to follow the steps :
Please create a new text field, with length 80, on the Case object: Account Owner Name (Process)
Verify that the field API NAME is Account_Owner_Name_Process__c and delete the field with name : Account Owner Name (Formula) if it exists.
Setup --> Process Builder 
Create a new process builder with name : Update Case Account Owner
Select value from "The process starts when" picklist  : a record changes
Object : Case
Start the process : only when the record is created 
Criteria Name : Account record changes 
Criteria for Executing Actions : No criteria—just execute the actions!
Immediate Action:
                      Action Type : Update Records
                      Action Name : Update the account owner
                      Record : [Case]
                      Criteria for Updating Records : No criteria—just update the records!
                       Field : Account Owner Name (Process)
                       Type : Formula
Value : [Case].Account.Owner.LastName & " " & [Case].Account.Owner.FirstName 
The FirstName and LastName are in the order mention above.
Save the Process and don't forget to Activate it.
The same procedure helps for me , for completing the challenge .
Please mark it as best answer if it helps you.
Thanks all :)

David Spina 5David Spina 5
While the above doesn't match the criteria as it is written, it does work. I think most people who organized the correct criteria have been previously correct but unable to get past the challenge.