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Bareera NoorBareera Noor 

Reports and Dashboard Specialist Superbadge

I am working on the Report Contacts By Hobbies and Rating. When I add a Rating field in  Column it does not show the picklist values Hot Warm and Cold.
User-added image
I Recheck the field in Account Object. Picklist values are Activated .
User-added image
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Make picklist values available for record types.From Set up go to record type in accounts and scroll down to the picklist field you're having an issue with and click Edit. Select which values should appear for that record type and click Save.

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Bareera NoorBareera Noor
I did that but still picklist values are not showing.
Bareera NoorBareera Noor
Since this is the superbadge challenge. I am working in the Trailhead palyground. It comes with the Master Recordtype. When I go through Setup menu Master Reordtype doesnot showup in Account Recordtype section. I dnt know how to edit picklist value for this recordtype. 
Bareera NoorBareera Noor
Because of that picklist values are not showing on the dashboard either and I am getting the following error:
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Marketing Manager 'Type (with account rating)' component does not have either the correct chart type or report source."
Beacause one of the requirement for dashboard is "Whenever the Account Rating field is displayed in a chart, use the following color scheme:
Hot, choose any red
Warm, choose any yellow
Cold, choose any blue"
User-added image
Devendra RajoriaDevendra Rajoria
create bucket field name "Rating"User-added imageUser-added image
Bareera NoorBareera Noor
So I should create a Rating bucket field?
Bareera NoorBareera Noor
These images are very blury so I can't see anything in it. Previously I have seen that picklist values shows Automatilcally. Since all the account names have respective ratings I dnt underdstand why they are not showing in report.
Devendra RajoriaDevendra Rajoria
Yes you have to create Rating Bucket Field.

Open the images in a new tab, you will easily get it.
Basically, you have to create picklist type bucket field which is shown in images for this report.