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Nikhil kanth NayaniNikhil kanth Nayani 

Enabling chatter for partner community

How do we enable chatter for partner community and chatter for partner users in the customer org
Waqar Hussain SFWaqar Hussain SF
Chatter is enabled by default in Salesforce and the Salesforce app. Configure various Chatter features and customize the Chatter experience for your users on the Chatter Settings page in Setup.
  • To access the Chatter Settings page, enter Chatter in the Quick Find box and select Chatter Settings.
  • To disable Chatter for your entire organization, deselect Enable in the Chatter Settings section.
Nikhil kanth NayaniNikhil kanth Nayani
Thanks Waqar, Though the chatter was enabled in salesforce and salesforce app but we were not post a chatter message to partner user using process builder as we do for internal users