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Ron Mccrerey 20Ron Mccrerey 20 

Passing URL Parameters to an Angular App wrapped in a Visualforce page

In classic I was launching an Angular Application wrapped in a Visualforce page from a button that passed URL parameters.  How do I get this functionality to work in Lightning. Passing URL parameters (ie current opportunity ID) ?  Examples are appreciated.

I have created a List Button with Content Source as 'URL'.  https://summittruck--remdev--c.cs91.visual.force.com/apex/LightningTestIndex
?&Opportunity={!Opportunity.Id.   When I click on the button this parameter does not show up in the URL

This is what is generated in the URL https://summittruck--remdev.cs91.my.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.Integration?scontrolCaching=1&lid=00b2F000000ILP7&eid=0062F000004Nq1u&ic=1&linkToken=VmpFPSxNakF4T0Mwd05DMHhObFF4TkRveU1Eb3pNeTQ1T0RoYSxCOFk3RzNsc0Z0VDJRNWhTZW5kcE8wLFlXWmtNR0po