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sony sonusony sonu 

how to have the authentication with salesforce to locally hosted sqlserver

procedurce for ther authentication with salesforce to private server 
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sony,

A localhost means this computer, and it can access services running locally on your computer and not on the internet. And because it's local to your computer and not exposed to the internet, you cannot connect Salesforce (or any other external services) to any of your local running services.

There are tools which help expose local running servers on public URL to be able to make connections. You may like to take a look at https://ngrok.com/ .

You need to understand how a localhost vs. that on the internet works. If you cannot expose your localhost to a publicly accessible IP, there’s no way to achieve it, not only from Salesforce but from any external facing services.

Hope this helps.

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