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Ronak SFDCRonak SFDC 

Process automation specialist Superbadge feedback (Step 6)

Hi All,

I was stuck on step 6 of the Process Automation Specialist SuperBadge for hours, and wanted to post some help for others who may be going through what I went through.

Firstly, all of the so called "solutions" I found on here were enough to get passed the check (in some cases) and earn yourself 500 points, but non of them actually produced the desired results. Most of them only returned a single record based on the User selecting RainbowBot, CloudyBot or Assembly System in step 1.

I struggled for hours and hours, I was using a Fast Lookup element together with a loop and just couldn't get the flow to return the results that the exercise actually required.

Then I came across this post >> and I was able to get the flow to return the results required by following this excellent video >> which is linked in the post.

Basically it seems that Fast Lookup does not function as expected. Rather than collecting field values from multiple records that match the criteria, and storing them in an sObject Collection Variable, it only appears to collect (and therefore display) the record IDs of the matching records. I was able to verify this by creating a screen element directly after the Fast Lookup and all that was returned was the record IDs.

I have now passed step 6. Create Flow for Opportunities however I was not able to get the flow to work when displayed in the Lightning Record Page for the Opportunity Object, the error I see is :-

"We can't launch this flow because of a variable error. Send this error message to your admin. The value null is being provided for variable ProductID but isn't compatible with the variable's data type (String). Check the places where you implemented the flow ‒ such as through a Lightning page or a custom button ‒ and make sure that all provided values are compatible with the variables' data types."

It does not present a screen for the user to select the Product Type, as required by step 6, and therefore no variable is being passed to the Flow. When executing the Flow independently, it works as expected.

I hope the above helps, and if anyone could shed light on how they managed to get the flow to work in the Lightning Experience Opportunity Record Page, I would really appreciate it.

​And if anyone from the Trailhead Team is reading this, then I think this step needs to be better worded, and clarified as to exactly what is required.