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Peter Reid 12Peter Reid 12 

Invalid integer: null An unexpected error has occurred. Your development organization has been notified.

Hi everyone, we have our Account Heirarchy set up, and I just noticed this error

"Invalid integer: null An unexpected error has occurred. Your development organization has been notified."

I'm not a developer, can anyone point me in the right direction on how to resolve?  This is on Cases - see picture.  Thank you for any help!User-added image
Peter Reid 12Peter Reid 12
Here are the VF pages involved..

<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="AccountCaseExtension" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" rendered="{!showAlert}">
<apex:includeScript value="/support/console/20.0/integration.js"/>
<script type="text/javascript">
function testOpenSubtab() {
//First find the ID of the primary tab to put the new subtab in
var openSubtab = function openSubtab(result) {
//Now that we have the primary tab ID, we can open a new subtab in it
var primaryTabId = result.id;
var openSuccess = function openSuccess(result) {
//Report whether we succeeded in opening the subtab
if (result.success == true) {
alert('subtab successfully opened');
} else {
alert('subtab cannot be opened');
<apex:pageMessages escape="false"/>

Peter Reid 12Peter Reid 12
-The Heirarchy page

<apex:page standardController="account" tabStyle="Account" >
<div style="height: 200px" class="bodyDiv" onclick="resizeFrame();">
<c:accounthierarchytree currentId="{!Account.id}" />