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Bryan TelfordBryan Telford 

Apex test class issue with value set in VF page

I have the following Apex class and test clas.

public class passwordReset
    Decimal minimumPasswordLength;
    Decimal minimumPINNumberLength;    
    public String selectedOption { get; set; }
    String requestId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('request_id');
    Encompass_Password_Service__c settings = Encompass_Password_Service__c.getOrgDefaults();   
    String currentUserContactdId = [select User.Contact.Id from User where id = :UserInfo.getUserId()].Contact.Id;
    //String currentUserContactdId = '0030R00000MNIJS';
    Decimal pinExpiration = settings.PIN_Number_Expiration_Minutes__c;
    Decimal maxPasswordResets = settings.Maximum_Resets_Per_Day__c;
    Decimal maxAccountUnlocks = settings.Maximum_Unlocks_Per_Day__c;    
    //Integer additionalMinutes = pinExpiration.intValue();
    public void requestPin()
      String requestGuid = Random.generateGuid();
      //Generate PIN number
      integer numberOfResets= [Select count() from Encompass_Password_Reset__c where CreatedDate = TODAY and User_Selected_Option__c = 'Reset'];
      integer numberOfUnlocks= [Select count() from Encompass_Password_Reset__c where CreatedDate = TODAY and User_Selected_Option__c = 'Unlock'];            
      System.debug('selected option: ' + this.selectedOption);        
      if(this.selectedOption == 'Reset' && numberOfUnlocks < 5){
          //insert event
          Encompass_Password_Reset__c resetEvent = new Encompass_Password_Reset__c(PIN_Number__c = '1234', 
          Requested_Date_Time__c = System.Now(), 
          Employee__c = currentUserContactdId, 
          Request_Guid__c = requestGuid,
          Username__c = 'test.lo',
          User_Selected_Option__c = 'Reset',
          PIN_Number_Expiration__c = System.Now().addMinutes(60));
          insert resetEvent;
          ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.CONFIRM,'A PIN was sent to your email.The PIN will expire in 60 minutes.')); 

      else if(this.selectedOption == null) {
         ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.ERROR,'Please select an option.')); 

public class passwordResetTest {

    private static testmethod void requestPinForPasswordReset() {

    Test.setCurrentPage(new PageReference('request_pin'));  
    Encompass_Password_Reset__c reset = createRequest(requestType); insert reset;
    encompassPasswordService controller = new encompassPasswordService();
    List<ApexPages.Message> msgList = ApexPages.getMessages();
    for(ApexPages.Message msg :  ApexPages.getMessages()) {
        System.assertEquals('A PIN was sent to your email.The PIN will expire in 60 minutes.', msg.getSummary());
        System.assertEquals(ApexPages.Severity.CONFIRM, msg.getSeverity()); 
    private static Encompass_Password_Reset__c createRequest(String requestType) {
        Account acc = new Account(Name = 'Sample Account'); insert acc;
        Contact con = new Contact(LastName = 'Smith', AccountId =; insert con; 
        TestHelper.ObjectMother mo = new TestHelper.ObjectMother();
        User usr = mo.createUser(, con.Email = '', acc.Name); insert usr;
        //Integer additionalMinutes = settings.PIN_Number_Expiration_Minutes__c.intValue();
        String requestGuid = Random.generateGuid();
        String selectedOption = requestType;
        Encompass_Password_Reset__c event = new Encompass_Password_Reset__c(
            Request_Guid__c = requestGuid, 
            PIN_Number__c = '477405',
            User_Selected_Option__c = requestType, 
            Requested_Date_Time__c = System.Now(),
            Username__c = 'lo.test',
            Employee__c = usr.Contact.Id,
            PIN_Number_Expiration__c = System.Now().addMinutes(60));
            System.debug('request type: ' + event.User_Selected_Option__c);
            return event;


The test fails with this message.
System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Expected: A PIN was sent to your email.The PIN will expire in 60 minutes., Actual: Please select an option.

When I look at the debug log, the "selected option" is null, therefore the test returns the message as specified by this condition in the controller:  
    else if(this.selectedOption == null) 

How can I modify the test class to recognize the selected option that is set in the VF page?
Best Answer chosen by Bryan Telford
Bryan TelfordBryan Telford
It turns out all I needed to do was set set the controller value from the test. 
    controller.selectedOption = 'Reset';

See bob_buzzard's post for reference.