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Formula In Workflow Rule for a Field Update No Working

I have a picklist field called Membership Has Ended, there is only one value in the field which is 'Yes'. I have workflow formula (see below) I'm trying to use to update the field to Yes. But I can't seem to get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas. The syntax checks out as ok, but its still not updating the Membership Has Ended field. Anyone have an idea why this isn't working. 

npe01__Membership_End_Date__c =  TODAY() - 30  && ISPICKVAL(Payment_Channel__c, "Click and Pledge")  &&  Last_Membership_Origin__c = 'Annual' 
Hello @Glenn

Check this below:
AND(npe01__Membership_End_Date__c =  (TODAY() - 30)  , ISPICKVAL(Payment_Channel__c, "Click and Pledge") ,  Last_Membership_Origin__c = 'Annual' )

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Jolly Birdi