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Chris BowlesChris Bowles 

Meet Scrum Trailhead quiz question is misleading or answer is wrong (IMO)

I'm just doing the Scrum related Trailhead courses, as I'm looking at ways I can start introducing Scrum fundementals to our organistion. In the Meet Scrum unit (https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trails/run-an-agile-team/modules/agile-frameworks-scrum-and-kanban/units/meet-scrum) one of the questions asks "Which artifact.....?" to which the correct answer on Trailhead was "Sprint". I got this wrong first time round, as I picked an answer that was closer to an artifact, as a Sprint is a ceremony (or meeting) and not an artifact. I know that this sounds really trivial, but we want to use all the appropriate Scrum terminology in our organisation to ensure that everyone has a common understanding, so anything that may introduce an element of confusion isn't going to help our cause. Is there a process of getting this question changed? Thanks.
Thanks for the suggestion Chris. I agree that a sprint is a ceremony not an artifact.