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Michael RotterMichael Rotter 

why does am i getting the error "Illegal assignment for Object to Map" in this line of code

Map<String,Object> oauth = JSON.deserializeUntyped(res.getBody());

I've also tried 
Map<String,Object> oauth = new Map<String,Object>();
oauth = JSON.deserializeUntyped(res.getBody());

Please help!
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Hi  Michael ,
Can you share the JSON Body response or code here ?  
Michael RotterMichael Rotter
I haven't been able to execute the request due to the compile error above, but I can post the code I'm using to make the request and parse the response if that'll help
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You can comment this code and execute with debug logs 

Map<String,Object> oauth = JSON.deserializeUntyped(res.getBody());
Michael RotterMichael Rotter
The request to Jira is successful (200) if all i run is the simple http get request, but there are a few other errors in my integration so I still can't run the full program and get a response body. In general, are there some common ways to fix the compile error posted originally? The response should return string keys and object pairs I believe. Sorry there isn't a lot of information to go off of right now, but any thoughts are greatly appreciated!