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Ian Frampton 9Ian Frampton 9 

Issue with Trailhead Module 'Create Analytics Apps'


I am currently completing the Module 'Create Analytics Apps' and am getting the following error:

Module link: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/wave_apps_basics/units/wave_apps_creating_wave_apps

There was an error executing the Find_Last_Stage_Updates node: Sort dimension/measure not found in Edgemart: Unique_Sort_Key (02K0Y000000Y5MDUA0_03C0Y000000OQ3DUAW)

On 'Check and Schedule the Dataflow' section, part 11. 

Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I can go about getting this fixed?
Justin LaMont 10Justin LaMont 10
I am also experiencing this error- including in a freshly created trial wave org.
Francois Poirier 8Francois Poirier 8
I'm experimenting this as well.  I will post if I find a solution
Dude.. I just asked this question here (https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=9060G000000BgP0QAK ) :
I also got that same error. So it's not just me omg.
Anvesh KuppiliAnvesh Kuppili
I am also facing same error. i have tried 2 to 3 times by deleting and creating new app.
Mireille Bonapart 23Mireille Bonapart 23
I've also encountered this problem and I haven't figured out how to solve this. Hope someone will come up with a solution. 
Mireille Bonapart 23Mireille Bonapart 23
Hi, I solved it by creating a new Analytics dev org and I also checked that the download file was called My_First_Analytics_App_for_Trailhead.Json  and not My_First_Analytics_App.Json. Apparently, I saved it earlier with the wrong extension. Hope this helps!
Anvesh KuppiliAnvesh Kuppili
Hi Mireille,

Can you please explain clearly with the steps on how you have solved this problem.