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Custom 'Change Owner Link' for Lightning?

As the standard approach(mentioned below) is not applicable for Custom Object.
<apex:outputLink value="{!URLFOR($Action.Account.ChangeOwner,account.id)}">Change Owner</apex:outputLink>

I have a visualforce page implementing a change owner link for a custom object similar to below.
<apex:outputLink value="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}/a?retURL=%2F{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}"> [Change] </apex:outputLink>

First Approach works in Salesforce classic but breaks in lighting saying 'The page is not available in lightning'.

Is there a way to make the change owner link work in lightning?
Maheshkumar Selvaraj 10Maheshkumar Selvaraj 10
check this link: https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p3A0000008jOxQAI