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Krishna Teja KKrishna Teja K 

[Hiring]Looking forward to hire a part-time Salesforce.com Developer for creating podcasts.

Job Description
You will be working on creating podcasts on Salesforce.com on daily basis. You will have to do a research on trending requirements, create a scenario, build a proof of concept of it and explain how its been done. All this will be done in the podcast/screen recording sessions. I will also be helping you intially in zero dowing the topics/functionalities on which you will be creating the podcasts. 

If you want to see the existing podcasts you will find them here - salesforcecasts.com. 

Should have solid grip and knolwdge on the core Salesforce.com functionalities.
Should have command on all the advaned developer concepts. 
Should be willing to learn new things, technologies with respective to Salesforce.com platform. 
Should be open to feedback. 

Krishna Teja KKrishna Teja K
Hey, Just wanted to check how is it going. Also want to let you know that in case you think you are not cut out for podcasts then we also planning to launch our own blog on Salesforce.com Dev and Advanced Dev categories. You would be required to do a write up, provide the code and screen shots. Let me know if that interests you. Thanks, Teja On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Krishna Chaitanya
Seema Rani 9Seema Rani 9
Hello Teja,

Let me know if you still need help.

Seema Dhingra
blog:- https://salesforcecodrlearn.blogspot.in