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Getting started with salesforce Einstein.

I am trying to start with salesforce einsten Can anyone please help me with this. In few posts i could see that i need to have einsten license to start. is there any way to start without paying? Need to try few things that could get me started.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 

There are some absolutely valuable modules in trailhead which will give you more than quick start in understanding Einstein.

May I suggest you please check with below trailhead modules which will point you in the right direction. Hope this helps.

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Michael Machado 22Michael Machado 22
You Can sign up for free here: https://api.einstein.ai/signup 
There are multiple open pilots for Einstein Language and Einstein Vision provided 1K free predictions per month and the ability to train multiple models prior to paying for the service.
Gary RalstonGary Ralston
Hey Cloud_force

Yes, there are some ways to get started with Salesforce Einstein (https://sfdcgo.com/meet-einstein-salesforces-artificial-intelligence/) without paying, though the features and functionality available may be limited compared to the paid versions. Here are a few options :
  • Trailhead : Salesforce Trailhead is a free online learning platform that offers a range of courses and modules on Salesforce products and features, including Einstein. You can use Trailhead to learn about the basics of Einstein, as well as more advanced topics like predictive analytics and natural language processing.
  • Einstein Playground : Salesforce offers a free, limited version of Einstein called the Einstein Playground. This provides access to some of the key features of Einstein, such as predictive scoring, and allows you to experiment with the technology in a sandbox environment.
  • Developer Edition : Salesforce offers a free Developer Edition that provides access to most of the features and functionality of the Salesforce platform, including Einstein. This can be used to build and test custom applications and integrations using Einstein.
While the options mentioned above are available for free, it is important to note that they may not offer the complete range of functionalities present in the paid versions of Salesforce Einstein. Some features may also be restricted or limited. Still, these options can be useful for beginners to start with and get a good understanding of the technology's capabilities.