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Tyigeie BrownTyigeie Brown 

What can I do to pass this challenge?

Build an Account Reassignment Wizard-Implement the Flow with Visualforce

'Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Couldn't find two users in your org with a 'Salesforce' license. Check the instructions'

The instructions directs me to add two users in my developer org. One is assigned Salesforce License and Standard User profile. The second is to be assigned Salesforce Platform License with Standar User profile. However this is not possible as the only option is the Standard Platform User profile.

Jean-Noel CasassusJean-Noel Casassus
The second user need to be in the platform licence, no other choice.
Make sure that there is no deactivated users with a Salesforce licence, it have done the trick for me.
Squire TH KershnerSquire TH Kershner
Same issue.  Won't pass unless two Salesforce licenses, but there aren't two to assign.  Followed (doublechecked) instructions are completed.
Patrick CulpPatrick Culp
Patrick CulpPatrick Culp
I just found a simple way to pass the challenge but have no idea of the ramifications.

Since the developers account can only have 2 Salesforce licenses and I didn't want to remove mine (see Setup->Company Profile->Company Information->User Licenses), I ran this query (Select Id, Name, Profile.UserLicense.Name From User Where Profile.UserLicense.Name = 'Salesforce') to see who was using the licenses. There were 3 (me,, and Renee).

I didn't know how important the account was so I did the following:
1)Temporarily changed to Salesforce Platform User License.
2)Ran the final Verify Step and passed!
3)Changed Renee Moreau to Standard Platform User because it wouldn't let me fix without doing this.
4)Put back to Salesforce with System Administrator Profile.
5)If you want, it will also let you put Renee back to Salesforce Standard User at this point.

I have no idea why this worked!!!
Squire TH KershnerSquire TH Kershner
Finally got mine to pass after multiple attempts.  To resolve:

Madison Rigsby is a Salesforce Platform/Standard Platform User
Renee Moreau is a Salesforce/Standard User
Reassigned ownership of the Edge Communications account to Renee Moreau.

End result, the flow didn't actually change anything, but the results are correct.
Kristina WilliamsonKristina Williamson
I finally got to pass this challenge.  
1. Make sure that ANY other users (including deactivated users) do not have the User Licence set to Salesforce.  They will need to be changed to User Licence of Salesforce Platform, and with Profile as Standard Platform User.  
2. Make sure that ONLY your user account is the System Administrator Profile.  Even check deactivated users for this too.
3. Renee Moreau is a Salesforce/Standard User
4. Madison Rigsby is a Salesforce Platform/Standard Platform User
Heidi KingHeidi King
I tried all of the above solutions and the flow was still not working. I have two Salesforce licenses assigned: myself and Renee. I have three Salesforce Platform licenses: Madison and two other inactive users (including guestadmin). I am the only System Admin. On a whim, I added "Roles" to both Madison and Renee. I just picked something for each from the available roles picklist. Ithen ran the flow again and all of my accounts were reassigned sucessfully and I passed the challenge! I'm not sure why this worked, but it did. Hope it helps!!