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Helen Connors 9Helen Connors 9 

Personalize Your Analytics - Challenge Not Working

Completed the challenge.  Added the notification (see attached image) in the Wave developer org.  It looks like it did not save the first time.  Added the notification a 2nd time, as shown in screen capture. User-added image
Stefan O'HalloranStefan O'Halloran
I am having the same issue.
Tim MinerTim Miner
I am having the same issue. 
Diptiman Prusty 9Diptiman Prusty 9
Yes, I am getting error  - Could not find notification on dashboard. Please check the requirements again.

But I can see the notification in dashboard.
Helen, your screenshot shows a notification on the Open Pipeline widget. For the challenge, the notification needs to be on the Lost Opportunities widget. Please try the challenge again if that's the case. Diptiman, can you post a screenshot of your notification? Thanks.
Helen Connors 17Helen Connors 17
Hi.  When I went to the new Wave org you suggested yesteday, I chose the Lost Opportunities widget and it worked.  Thank you for your help and patience.
Glad I could help, Helen. If you don't mind, could you please pick a best answer for all your forum questions and mark as solved? Thank you, and don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything else. :)
I am getting the same error and I've recreated it numerous times.  Any ideas?
Trailhead Personalize Your Analytics error
I used a brand new wave org BTW...
Here is a screenshot of my dashboard and home page.
Trailhead Personalize Your Analytics error
NEVER MIND!  So silly.  I had 2 Dashboards with similar names and was updating the wrong one.  Thanx!
Aha! Great sleuthing. Glad you we're able to complete the challenge. :)
Tan GillTan Gill
Hi all, I'm facing the same issue with this challenge. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
User-added image
venkata kalyani konakallavenkata kalyani konakalla
Try this...
Browse the Opportunity details dashboard and set notification for Lost Opportunities as follows

User-added image

Widget: Lost Opportunities Number Widget

User-added image
Once you save and run the notification, you should see it on your Wave Analytics home page
Challenge completed
John McGuigan 8John McGuigan 8
I am having an issue with this challenge too. I did set it up to only run once, but everytime I did that, it would turn inactive and not show up on the dashboard. Here are my screen shots. Why won't Trailhead say it is completed?? I have the email saying it worked as well. So frustrating.
User-added image
User-added image
User-added image
David Deal 9David Deal 9
Having the same problem. Please help!
User-added image
@David Deal 9 and @John McGuigan 8: Can you please check to make sure that your org only has one dashboard named Opportunity Details? If you have more than one, you should delete them all and try again from scratch. If you've already completed your other challenges, you should be able to create a dashboard with just the single Lost Opportunities number widget and pass this unit. Also, if you know you're using an older org, it may be worth creating a brand new Analytics DE org and trying again. If you continue to run into problems, please let me know and I can try to help further. Thanks!
David Deal 9David Deal 9
As far as I can tell I only have the one Opportunity Details. Is there somewhere else I can look? I just created this developer environment yesterday. [cid:image003.jpg@01D306C0.081DE220] Thanks.
Purav DavePurav Dave
I am having the same issue and have tried multiple times. Please help!!!
Okay, I'm seeing an issue, which I'm going to dig into. Please stay tuned.
Okay, it seems there's a workaround, as described in this post (
  1. Edit the Opportunity Details dashboard.
  2. Click on the Lost Opportunities widget.
  3. Change the name to "Lost Opportunities Number Widget".
  4. Save the dashboard and click the eye icon to open it in view mode.
  5. Create the notification on that newly named widget, as described in the challenge.
  6. Save and Run.
  7. Check the challenge.
That should work. Here's what mine looks like:

Rename the widget to match the label listed in the challenge.

The notification should be on the newly renamed widget, and should look like this:

Set your notification up like this and save and run it before checking the challenge.

Let me know if that works. We'll update the text of the challenge to make that much, much more clear at the next opportunity. Thanks, and sorry for the troubles! Please keep up the great feedback.
Mark Tossell 4Mark Tossell 4
Alfred Gutierrez 10Alfred Gutierrez 10
Thank you!  This worked.  
Renato de MiguelRenato de Miguel
Thanks, it worked
Stephane MacMillanStephane MacMillan
Thanks Pchol! Same issue, same solution.
Mike Harper 10Mike Harper 10
Same issue, same solution.  How can we get this fixed so others don't waste time?  Thx
Yes, we'll look at addressing this for the next available release. Thanks again for the feedback!
Gilberto Artuza 5Gilberto Artuza 5
Worked for me! Thank you @pchoi
Damilola Adeyemi 9Damilola Adeyemi 9
Thank you, finally, it worked
Terence HammondTerence Hammond
Hello, I have tried the above suggestions and am still getting the below error. Please help.

User-added image

Thanks in advance
Marty KopkaMarty Kopka
Yep the rename did it for me same as for everyone else. Thanks @pchoi 
Brooke OBrienBrooke OBrien
Phew! I was going nuts! Thanks @pchoi!
Jim Smith 36Jim Smith 36
You really need to update the Challenge to explain you have to rename the Widget - this is much more thna a test of setting notifications
Okay folks. We recently released an update to the hands-on challenge for "Personalize Your Analytics." It how has clearer instructions, has better validation where you don't have to change the name of the notification, and a better error message. Really appreciate your patience as we made this fix. Let me know if this resolves the issue. We truly appreciate input like this from the community. It helps us make our stuff better. Thank you!

User-added image
Rashid Temuri 1Rashid Temuri 1
Hi. I'm stuck. I've tried everything that I saw here but nothing is working. I need help. Thanks. User-added imageUser-added image
Keith StephensKeith Stephens
Can someone show me how to open Lost Opportunities Widget edit panel in the dashboard designer?
thanksUser-added image
Grzegorz LaskowskiGrzegorz Laskowski
Still does not work. I have requested brand new Analytics-enabled Developer Edition and still observe error: Couldn't find notification on dashboard. Make sure your notification is named "Lost Opportunities." Please check the requirements again.
Any ideas how to complete this challenge?
User-added image

Paige Delk 9Paige Delk 9
Nothing in this thread or the other one suggested by Trailhead help is working for me (  - Have asked them to check the challenge manually.  It reallly should be removed it if's not working properly.  
This had me tearing my hair out for a while - until I realised that the username in Analytics studio and the username in my DE were different. Not sure how this happens but once I launched the playground that corresponded to the Analytics Studio username I completed just fine. Let me know if that helps
Oyshee BoseOyshee Bose
I spent 2 days on this error only to realise my silly mitake that i was populating the 'sum of Amount equals 100000000'  when it is supposed to be equals or greater than.

Trailheads needs to give better error reasons.

Hope this helps,

User-added image
Adriana BotezatuAdriana Botezatu
I am having the same issue. I made sure I only had one dashboard, deleted all notifications and started again. My org is new (I saw a suggestion above to create a new org) and I am still getting the same error. Quite frustrated about this one to be honest. This is the error I am getting,and I went through every step of the process several times now.User-added image
Roger ParkRoger Park
I had the same issue, but it has currently been resolved!
Deleting the "Open Pipeline Test" notification worked for me. In other words, in Opportunity Details, there shouldn't be a notification other than "Lost Opportunities"
Hopefully, this will be helpful.
April Nakayoshi 4April Nakayoshi 4
Thank you Roger! Deleting the Open Pipeline Test worked for me too. 
Kurt HeimbignerKurt Heimbigner

I am unsure what I am missing. I have made sure that there are no other notifications in the dashboard, and have recreated the Lost Opportunities notification. However, I cannot seem to get the Trailblazer app to see that I have done so. Below is a screenshot, showing that the notification is part of 'Lost Opportunities'. Is that correct, or am I missing something simple? 


User-added image

Adrienn BakosAdrienn Bakos
Hi Kurt, 
Seems that the number format is not correct. Try to copy and paste from the module. 
Hope it solves your problem. :) Good luck!

User-added image
Marco GMarco G

Deleting the previous notification 'Open Pipeline Test' allowed me to pass this, as others have also reported.
Mauricio Moita 3Mauricio Moita 3
Deleting the "Open Pipeline Test" notification worked for me too.
Bram Raatjes 9Bram Raatjes 9
@roger Park, thanks! This did it for me too :)
Christopher Kim 8Christopher Kim 8
I've tried all possible solutions above (deleting prior notifications, renaming widget etc), but still having issues with the following error:
Challenge not yet complete in
In the 'Lost Opportunities' notification, we can't find the expected operator value.
Can someone please advise?
Lucian Roux 9Lucian Roux 9
@Christopher Kim 8
You need to ensure you delete the "Open Pipeline Test" notification - once done, it worked.
Ankit MindewarAnkit Mindewar

Hi everyone.

Notify me only the first time conditions are met: Selected 
not doing this step solved problem for me. i know its weird. :(