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Andi Butterworth 28Andi Butterworth 28 

How do I use API to update the created dates on opportunities?

I contacted Salesforce support for assistance in updating the created date on a bunch of opportunities I already loaded into our org as part of our transition from another sales tool.

I know I cannot update the created date via Data Loader. I do know I can delete and reinstert the opportunities with the audit permissions, however, I would lose any history of changes made to the opportunities already. (This also scares the heck out of me - and doing so would generate new opportunity IDs when we have multiple files already mapping to the existing opportunity IDs as there are more fields that may get mapped...) I already have the actual created date loaded into another temporary field, so I know which opportunities need to be updated and with what date.

Can someone please help?  Thanks! ~Andi 

Unfortunately, Create Date can only be modified when inserting and cannot be updated after the record has been created:

Andi Butterworth 28Andi Butterworth 28
I saw this, but Salesforce Support led me to believe it was possible... :(