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Overriding edit button with VF page solution

Hi All,

I have a VF snippet which contains input fields and call external api for autocomplete functionality. I need to display this in edit page layout . But there are 4 record types/4page layout for the object .
Is there any approach /solution where in I can display the VF snippnet in all edit page layouts or should I create 4 Vf pages to recreate 4 page layouts +to show VF snippet and choose each Vf page using record types.
Hi Bala ,
I know how to override edit button with VF page , but that is not what i am looking for . Please read the desciption of my issue and let me know your thoughts on this.
Hi , i want the VF snippet to be dispalayed in all edit page layouts ,which is not possible in salesforce (as currently vf snippet can only be added in detail VF page ) . Do you have any solution regarding this ?