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Padmini S 26Padmini S 26 

subordinate should not see his higher role records

Hi All,

We have two roles that Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive. Campaign OWD is Private. We have Parent campaign and sub campaign. Parent campaign owner always should be marketing manager. Sub campaign owner is marketing executive. But sub campaign has lookup to parent campaign. If i won't give parent campaign read permission to marketing executive then marketing executive can not save the sub campaign. Marketing executive will get error as insufficient privileges. I have created sharing rule that marketing executive can see marketing manager records with read only permission then only marketing executive can able to save the record or else marketing executive cannot save the record. But Actual requirement is Marketing executive not to see the parent campaign record, he can able to see only sub campaign. Could anyone help on this issue how to solve.

Thanks in Advance.
hi Padmini,

Unfortunately, unless the Executive has access to the Parent record, he/she won't be able to assign it to a Child Campaign.

I can think of a work-around, if the Marketing Managers and Marketing Executives have different profiles as well.

If they do, you can try to have two different Campaign Records Types for Parent and Child campaigns.

This way, you can allow the Executives read access to the Parent Campaign with a specific Page Layout that shows only few non-sensitive fields.

For example,

You have two Campaign Record Types
Record Type 1 - Parent Record Type
Record Type 2 - Child Record Type

You have two Page Layouts
Page Layout 1 - Open Page Layout - Shows all the elements
Page Layout 2 - Restricted Page Layout - Shows only bare minimum, non-sensitive information.

You have two Profiles - Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive.

Your page layout assigment will look like this.

User-added image

Please let me know if this helps.
Padmini S 26Padmini S 26

We have two profiles Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive and also two recordtypes parent campaign and child campaign. Child campaing owner is marketing executive. Child campaign has lookup to Parent Campaign. But my concern is need to hide the parent campaign record to marketing executive.  

Padmini. S
Hi Padmini,

You cannot completely hide the Parent record from the Executive, because this will stop him from adding the lookup relationship data in Child Campaign.

Can you not create a restricted page layout and search layout for the Executive which will show only ID and Name of the Parent Campaign?
One other option would be Marketing Manager updating the Parent Lookup relationship in the Sub Campaigns. Anyways managers can see all the campaigns owned by subordinates.
Padmini S 26Padmini S 26

Marketing manager can see all campaigns owned by subordinates. But my issue is that marketing executive also see marketing manager records. But my requirement is marketing executive should not see marketing manager records. 

Padmini. S
I understand your use case Padmini. However, if you have to allow the Marketing Executive to fill the lookup field, you need to give him some access to the Parent Record.

Or, someone in the higher role has to update this lookup field for the Sub Campaigns. It could be some kind of approval process.