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Custom Field Value Changing On Its Own

I have a custom checkbox field on the Account object that can only be edited by a handful of users. There are no workflow + field updates, Process Builders, Apex Triggers or anything of the sort that can cause the value of this field to ever change from true to false or vice versa. 

With all that said, this field is continuously flipping back and forth between true/false values, often after another user has previously changed it and saved the record. We have a lot of 3rd party tools that sync with the Account object (AppExchange products/services), but this field is not a field that is synced between those programs so I've ruled out some sync-related errors as the root cause. 

I do have field history tracking enabled for this field, and it shows me (the admin) as the culprit for these changes, but it's happening at times when I am either not in the system or not doing any sort of mass record changes that could trigger this field to be changed, even though I am not aware of anything that could be causing this.

Is there some way to more closely track & determine what exactly is causing this issue? 

Thanks in advance!
Alba RivasAlba Rivas

If you have identified when this is happening (often after another user has previously changed it and saved the record), maybe you can setup the debug logs for your user, and try to reproduce the scenario to see what happens. Another thing that I can think of is, create a trigger (eg: before update), try to detect programmatically when does the field change, and print things to the debug log, as the complete object status.

There is another thing call event log monitoring, that you can setup. However this is a paid feature I have used it in my developer org sometimes to debug some things (it's free there).

For what you say, I believe there must be an automated process in the org that is doing it, as there are many agents involved on a DML operation:  It can be any workflow, flow, trigger, process builder as you say, but not only over account but on another object too. Or maybe your 3rd party integrations are doing it (that would be easily debuggable with event monitoring).

Hope that helps. Regards.