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Derrick AbbeyDerrick Abbey 

Visualforce page to update custom field on current user record

Hello SF community,

I've created a visualforce page that I would like to display as a homepage component.  I've also created two custom fields on the user object that I would like that to be able to update based on the current user.  I'm using the "User" standard controller, here is a bit of my code for the input fields.  Do I need a custom controller or am I missing something simple?  I'm fairly new to Visualforce, so I'm still learning.  Thank you for any assistance!

<apex:page standardController="User" doctype="html-5.0">
                <apex:inputField value="{!User.Time_off_start_date__c }"
                    label="" style="width:125px" showDatePicker="false" type="date">
                <apex:inputField value="{! User.Time_off_end_date__c }"
                    label="" style="width:125px" showDatePicker="false" type="date">
                <apex:commandButton action="{! save }" value="Submit"/>
Abhishek M.Abhishek M.
Instead of {!User.Time_off_start_date__c } use {!$User.Time_off_start_date__c}.
This will give your VF page the context of logged in user.
Derrick AbbeyDerrick Abbey
Hi Abhishek,

I had originally tried that.  I get an error that says "Could not resolve the entity from <apex:inputField> value binding '{!$User.Time_off_start_date__c}'.  <apex:inputField> can only be used with SObjects, or objects that are Visualforce field component resolvable."
Abhishek M.Abhishek M.
Hi Derrick,

You have to pass the current user id as a parameter in the page.
You have to create an custom controller that will query for that record along with that field.