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Rocio VivancoRocio Vivanco 

Is it possible to build Visualforce email templates related to their related record types?

Hi all,

I have an object with three record types.
We created a Visualforce email template related to the object. The object we are using is Product2 and the record types are:

- Master
- Undergraduate
- PhD

But our email template is related to this object in general, but not to a specific record type. For example, the email template for Masters should be related to the record type Master. The email template for PhDs should be related to the record type PhD.

Is this possible in Salesforce or not at all?.

I would appreciate your answers.
Pranav S SanvatsarkarPranav S Sanvatsarkar
Hello Rocio Vivanco,

You cannot assign visualforce email templates to specific record types as you can select only object name in the field - Related To Type.