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Ram 1969Ram 1969 

Controlling and Dependent field on different objects

Hi there,

I am a newbie here and dont have much expierience with codes, triggers or visualforce.  I am okay with Process Builder and a bit on Validation Rule and Workflow Rules.

In my opporunity page I have a picklist called "Market" and it has dependent field called "Sub-Market". The "Sub Market" picklist has in turn also has a dependent field called "Application".
So depending on what users selects in "Market" - it will show few picklists selection for "Sub-Market" and similarly for "Application" .
Now my team wants to move this "Application" picklist from Opporunity to a related custom object. 
How can I keep the link and depencies? 

Ahmad J. KoubeissyAhmad J. Koubeissy
You can use Eclipse with Force.com IDE. you can directly copy the same fields and same dependency from one object to another.

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Best Regards.
Ram 1969Ram 1969
Thanks Ahmad.
Is that the only option? 
Is there any other solution apart from this? Say...process builder or workflow etc?