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Mapping Lead & Contact Formula Fields

I created identical formula fields on the Lead and Contact. But when I try to map them together the Contact version of the field is not available in the picklist. This is my first time creating a formula field. Is it not possible to map Lead and Contact formula fields together?
Qubole MarketingQubole Marketing
To add to my question about mapping the Lead and Contact Formula Fields: I see that although I was unable to map them together in SFDC, they synced down to Marketo as a single field. Normally, if you have a field - even if Identical - on the Lead and Contact - but that are not mapped together in SFDC - they sync to Marketo as 2 fields. Any idea how they got mapped in Marketo?

Also, once you create a formula field (this one adds the values from demographic score and behavior score together) - does it take time for it to populate? The value is greater than 0 for only a small fraction of the people in our database with non-empty demo and behav scores.

Thanks in advance!
Ahmad J. KoubeissyAhmad J. Koubeissy
you cannot assign a value to a formula that's you are not able to find the contact field.
What you can do is the below:
- create a technical field of the same type of the formula field, which is hidden to the user
- make the formula field on the contact equal to this field
- map the formula field on the lead to this newly created field

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