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Olivia DavisOlivia Davis 

Trailhead Help! Challenge Not yet complete... Create Easy Access to the Activation Flow

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 'Activate Temp Access Flow' lightning app page doesn't exist with the flow component called 'Accounts Temp Access'. Check the instructions.

Has anyone passed this challenge? I have passed all prior challenges. It seems pretty straightforward, I have my Lightning app page, activated it, added it to Sales...everything else is setup and has passed. 

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Matt Scholl 10Matt Scholl 10
Be sure you add a flow component to the page and make sure it references the flow Accounts Temp Access you created previously.
M. Usman SaleemM. Usman Saleem
Hi Olivia,

Did you manage to solve this? I have followed exact same steps given in exercise & I can see respective tab in sales app, where flow is getting executed. But still getting this error. Please let me know if it worked for you.

M. Usman SaleemM. Usman Saleem

I have figured it out. I just repeated exact same steps & while saving selected same 'AccountTempAccess' constant as 'Flow Interview Name' and it started working.


Heather VaughnHeather Vaughn
I was having the same problem. I made sure that as the administrator I was also assigned the permission set that the Lynda Herman profile had. And I also changed the flow to a screen flow instead of an autolaunched flow (which seems to be the default) and prevents you from passing the previous unit in the module.
Tried to follow the solutions that Heather and Usman did, but no luck :(. Did anyone else manage to pass this successfully?
Sharma 4Sharma 4
M getting below error for same challange, can anyone help

'Activate Temp Access Flow' doesn't exist with one column. Check the instructions.

I can see one column in template field
TJ ScheidTJ Scheid
I basically had to start over. The last thing I ran into was that the Activate Temp Access Flow lightning page was duplicated from the second module exercise. If you followed the exercise you would have had two lightning app pages named, "Activate Temp Access Flow". The second "Activate Temp Access Flow" has an API named Activate_Temp_Access_Flow1. Take note of the "1". If you delete the first Activate Temp Access Flow lightning app page, rename the second lightning app page API, you'll pass. 
Frank Mamone 19Frank Mamone 19
I solved this by using the API name for the Permission Set!

Please mark as best answer if it solved your issue.

Frank Mamone
Vikas LalVikas Lal
I am getting the below error what Anupam got earlier:
"'Activate Temp Access Flow' doesn't exist with one column. Check the instructions."
In lightning page I am getting only 8 standard template and I selected template with "one region" thinking it is the one column, but still getting the error.
If anyone can help this.

Mariya SusnerwalaMariya Susnerwala
@Vikas Lal
I was getting the same error as you: "'Activate Temp Access Flow' doesn't exist with one column." because I was dropping the flow component on the page but not in the correct section.
1. Make sure you add the flow component in the top section where it says "Add Component here" it should automatically select "one Column" for you. You should pass the challenge now.

Hope this helps!!
Well, I have to struggle for 5 hours with this issue. I was doing everything right, all API names were correct. Then I changed my challenge org to new Trailhead playground and created Permission Set, Flow in classic mode and then created Lightning app page, it worked perfectly. Hope this one will help someone.