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Michelle Daniels 11Michelle Daniels 11 

FLS profile record type question

what should you do in the situation where you need to hide required fields for a profile on one record type but on another record type you need to show those same required fields? Because they are required fields you can't hide them on the record type by page layout, however if you use field level security to hide them then they will be hidden on the other record type that you need them to show on.  
Deepak Maheshwari 7Deepak Maheshwari 7
For this, you need to make field required from page layout and unrequire that field from backend.
You need to create two record types and two page layouts. Then, make that field required on one page layout and remove it from other.
Michelle Daniels 11Michelle Daniels 11
@Deepak Maheshwari 7 @SalesFORCE_enFORCEr I have two page layouts and two record types created but I'm still having issues because the FLS changes it on both record types. I can make the field required on one page layout, but the only way to hide it from the other record type is with FLS because it is a field that cannot be removed from the page layout. When the FLS is changed then it changes the required page layout change that was made and makes it hidden on both record types.  The problem is the fields are SF page layout required fields such as subject, description, and web email so they can't just be removed from the page layout...any ideas? 
In that case you can go with one of these approaches:
1. Replace the standard fields with custom and use them instead.
2. Override the standard page with a visual force page.