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RIyas BasheerRIyas Basheer 

Custom field missing in Custom Report Type Layout assignment after package installation

Hi All,

I have created 6 Custom fields (1 of them is checkbox another one is formula field refering a checkbox) in Campain Member standard object. Then I have created a Custom ReportType and assigned these 6 fields in ReportType layout. Also created some reports using this ReportType and the custom fields. I have included all these in an Unmanaged Package.

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The package is installed in another deloper org and there the Custom ReportType Layout Assignment for 2 of the custom fields is missing. The same fields are not showing reports also. The missing fields are of type checkbox another one is formula field refering a checkbox.

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Are there any reason only some of the fields are missing the Custom ReportType Layout Assignment after the package installation? I have checked the FLS and field visibility. All are same. What's happening during migration?

Are there any solution for this?