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Raja JammulaRaja Jammula 

convert lead in to multiple opportunities

Hi i am working on lead conversion.I need to override the standard 'Convert' button given by salesforce with VisualForce page and write apex code for it. I need help in the following
1. There are many fields(Standard/Custom) in lead that need to be mapped to Account,Contact and Opportunity custom fields. 
2. I have a multi select picklist field 'product' on Lead screen which has values x,y,z
If two products (or three) is selected on Lead Screen then 2 Opportunity records should be created one with product as 'X' and another as 'Y'.
Please help me achieve this functionality.Thanks in Advance.
Nithesh NNithesh N
1) You can use Database.LeadConvert Class to get mapping functionlity which you defined declaratively.
     Refer the  following code which may give you some idea. 
lead = [SELECT Id ,LastName,Company,Status, OwnerId FROM Lead WHERE Id =:Lid LIMIT 1];
        Database.LeadConvert ldconvert = new Database.LeadConvert(); 
        ldconvert.ConvertedStatus = 'Closed - Converted';
            Database.LeadConvertResult result = Database.convertLead(ldconvert); 
            System.Debug('Conversion Result: ' + result.isSuccess());
             isConverted = true;
             lead = [SELECT Id, Name, product__c, ConvertedOpportunityId FROM Lead WHERE Id =:Lid LIMIT 1];
                Opportunity opp1 = [SELECT Id, AccountId, Name FROM Opportunity WHERE Id =:lead.ConvertedOpportunityId LIMIT 1];
                List<String> prods = new List<String>();
                List<Opportunity> clonedOpps = CloneOpp(prods.size(), opp1);                
                for(Integer i=0; i < clonedOpps.size(); i++){
                    clonedOpps.get(i).Name = prods.get(i);
                Database.Insert(clonedOpps, false);
                delete opp1;                
        catch(DmlException e){
public List<Opportunity> CloneOpp(Integer num, Opportunity opp){
    List<Opportunity> opps = new List<Opportunity>();
    for(Integer i = 0 ; i < num ; i++){
      return opps;

As for the visualforce help, You can refer my github repository which has code similar to what you need. 

Let me know if it works.