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Somasundaram S 1Somasundaram S 1 

how to update field in related list object

i a object called call and another object called transaction , this transaction is related to call , i would like to update a field in transaction when the call is submitted how to do it ? which is the best method. the reason i want to update is i want to invoke a trigger at transaction  when the call is submitted . i dont want to write trigger in call object . once i update the field in when call is submitted then trigger will invoke in transaction
please advise me  
Based on my knowledge, you are going to need an Apex Trigger to do the job.
Think of this way, Let's say you have one record for Call__c object and 50 records for Transaction__c object which relates to Call__c. Now, if you update that Call__c object record as Status = Submitted then how would all the 50 Transactions__c records updates by themselves? There is no standard functionality to do the job yet!
I have just answer the similar question with different object name.
See the link: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/ForumsMain?id=9060G000000UbGlQAK

Hope it helps!
Somasundaram S 1Somasundaram S 1
i just want to invoke the trigger in transaction and if i can update atleast single record of transaction thats enough it will invoke the trigger.
i want to avoid trigger to do this , any idea ?