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Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6 

Community Rollout Strategy > Create Sharing Rules > Error


trying to complete the challenge, I have the following error:
The "Customer Community User" for the contact "Edna Frank" is not created properly.

More info, hope this helps finding the problem:
The contact exist, in Admin > Users> User license is "Customer Portal Manager Standard", when I try to change it to "Customer community" i'm getting the error "cannot upgrade from or downgrade to LPU"
The contact is assigned to the account "Customers", there is a case associated to it, with Contact Name = Edna Frank
I created the Sharing Set Settings and configured the access (User:Account = Case:Account, Read/Write). The community is active.
Oddly enough, I cannot log in as Edna Frank.
If I'm trying to create a new user, I receive the following error: "Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted.
The account associated with this portal has no owner". The created account is "Customers" and I double checked, i'm the owner of this account.
I've received a message "Customers registration accountId parameter value is not valid."

Any idea or clues on how to solve this ?
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Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6
These two posts were interesting:
but I finally did it by trying with a third brand new dev org, actually the new trailhead playground.

I won't be happy until I understand what went wrong with the two other orgs ! It's a shame...

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Candice Cozart 8Candice Cozart 8
I have an error while trying to complete the module. My error is :
"The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access. Please check the requirements."
I have set Case to Private as instructed 
Sharing rules screenshot

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6

have you set-up the sharing set properly (not 100% sure this is correct, that't the reason why you should have your own post) ?


User-added image

Adam CoppinAdam Coppin
Hey Olivier,

Just completed this one myself after much poking and trial and error.  Was getting the same error message as you.

You need to deactivate the community user created for Edna during your first attempt(s), go into the User admin and change the alias and nickname of the user record created (not sure if this is necessary, but I did it as part of my solution!).  Then re-do the "Enable External User" step, but when you're looking at the User record, before you save it, change the User License to "Customer Community" (not the Plus).  This should change the role to None and the Profile to "Customer Community User".

That cleared the error for me and let me complete the challenge - hope that helps!
Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6
Dear Adam,

thanks for your help, we are getting there, but now the error is "The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access. Please check the requirements."

Is anything wrong in there:

User-added image

I really don't get it ???

Adam Coppin 13Adam Coppin 13
Hi Olivier,

Sorry - was at Dreamforce last week and not as readily connected to my computer!

The screen you last shared looks good, but there may be an issue on other screens.  Check your Sharing Settings (search for "Sharing" in the Setup on the left and you'll find it) and look at the Case row.  Should be Public Read/Write/Transfer for Default Internal Access, and Private for Default External Access.

Also, try reducing the profiles that the Sharing Set applies to to just "Customer Community User" and remove the other two.

See if either of those help!


Satyendra Shrote 31Satyendra Shrote 31
Hi Adam,

I am having the same issue as you suggested I have Public Read/Write/Transfer for "Owner in All Customer Portal Users"

User-added image

no clue whats going wrong.
any help will be great.
I Len TranI Len Tran
I have complete this challenge and here is my sollution

1. First, set up the external sharing model with Case set to private

From Setup, enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Sharing Settings.

2. Then, enable Customer Portal settings, and create a sharing set titled Share cases with customers for the Customer Community User Profile

From Setup, enter Customer Portal Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Customer Portal Settings.

3. Create a customer community user from Edna Frank's contact record and ensure that the account associated with Edna Frank has cases associated with it.

This step will resolve issue: The "Customer Community User" for the contact "Edna Frank" is not created properly.

Your DE org should already have a contact record for Edna Frank. If it doesn't, create a new contact with first name Edna and last name Frank

4. Tada! enjoy it ^_^
User-added image
Sunmisola Sanusi-TowolawiSunmisola Sanusi-Towolawi
I just cant get past the role, I have tried changing the role over and over agin. I'm still stuck.
When I click on "User License" to pick "Customer Community" and Profile "Customer Community User," the "Role" is greyed out but red because a role needs to be picked.
User-added imageWhat am I missing?
Sunmisola Sanusi-TowolawiSunmisola Sanusi-Towolawi
After soooo much disabling and enabling, I got it to work!!!
Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6
Hi there,
first of all, thanks to the many respondents that are trying to help !!!

I redid all the steps, but still get the error "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access. Please check the requirements."

I'll have to set soon a community for a client but if it works that way, we will postpone it or consider other options...

Any other idea ?
Ron Miller 22Ron Miller 22
Ok this is a time sink. Here's my simple solution. I spent over an hour on this enabling and disabling and got nowhere. So I deleted Edna Frank contact and re-entered the contact. First I had to reassign her cases to a temporary contact I created under GenePoint. Then delete Edna, then recreate her. And then you Enable External User for the new Edna contact. BUT... when the Edna User page pops up, make sure you set her license to Customer Community which sets her profile to Customer Community Profile AND sets her role to none(greyed). This worked for me immediately. However, it's obvious that in anything but our DEV, it would not be realistic.
Piya Fiedler 1Piya Fiedler 1
Sunmisola, how did you get it work?
Ming MaMing Ma
Hi, I think I got everything right. but I am getting the following error
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find a contact named "Edna Frank" or there are multiple contacts with the name "Edna Frank". Ensure that there is only one contact named "Edna Frank" in your org.

I spent hours on this challenge and it is frustrating. 

Anyone got a solution? I think something is wrong with this challenge. 

Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6
These two posts were interesting:
but I finally did it by trying with a third brand new dev org, actually the new trailhead playground.

I won't be happy until I understand what went wrong with the two other orgs ! It's a shame...
This was selected as the best answer
Olivier Wiener 6Olivier Wiener 6
Not really a best answer...
michael mullaneymichael mullaney
Thank you, I Len Tran, for your step by step solution for my very frustrating error message "The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access. Please check the requirements.".   The problem I find with TrailHead, is that they provide useful info in the module, but then the Challenge requires a couple of "other" steps that are not intuitively obvious.  I spent several hours on the error message that "role must be specified for Edna Frank record" which the solution turned out had nothing to do with the Edna Franks contact record, but MY profile was missing "role".  Despite developing reasonably informative modules, the TrailHead error messages are vague and often obtuse.  I spent over five hours altogether (another obtuse example I guess) on this 45 minute module.  Frustrating, and the "help" screens are virtually useless.  Thanks for this user forum.  I would like to see TrailHead have a function that after a half dozen failed attempts, that you are prompted to a step by step solution video and then take the challenge.
Jerome MengulloJerome Mengullo
I've worked hours just for this error and I finally found the solution myself. this helped me:
I did this after step 2 of <I Len Tran>'s comment above because the profile Custom Community is not showing up.
1) Go to Contacts tab

User-added image

2) Select "All Contacts" in the dropdown then click Go. (Don't mind if you don't have the Recent Contacts section)

User-added image

3) Click the name of Frank, Edna and not the Edit link.

User-added image

4) Click Manage External User dropdown then select Enable Customer User

User-added image

5) Notice that you are redirected to the Users section. Select Customer Community as the Profile. Then click Save.

User-added image

That should fix the problem ["Customer Community User" for the contact Edna Frank not created properly].
Philip SinghPhilip Singh
So i did everything and got it working and it still said case settings are not correct.
So all i did was go into the account assoicated with Edna's contact and created a case under the account.
I then was able to complete the trailhead module.

I think the module said something along the lines that a case must be under the account.

Thanks guys
Peiwen Chung 11Peiwen Chung 11
Hi, for those who setup org local in Aisa, you may get the error message "Could not find a contact named "Edna Frank" or there are multiple contacts with the name "Edna Frank" due to the first name/ last name sequence issue. I tried everything but failed, after reading below blog in Janpanese, I switched the Last name / First name of Edna Frank and it worked.
Chad LassChad Lass
Wowzers...I spent a couple of hours on this one too...after doing so, I finally checked here for some assistance. I followed Jerome Mengullo's example above and the only thing I needed to do differently was to change the alias of Edna to efrank1 because it was giving me a duplicate user error. Afterwards I was able to check the work and get my 500pts. Looks like trailhead needs to walk through these modules and update some documentation. They have to keep in mind that some of the steps that may be intuitive to an experienced user would not be the same as someone that is just starting to learn the product. This module should have taken 15-20 minutes instead of 2+ hours.
Darth Vader 17Darth Vader 17
Enable customer userIn my case all I had to do is enable customer user from Edna's contact tab
Brett WernerBrett Werner
I tried everything :(  These were excellent instructions by the way.  I just keep getting the error.  The only thing I have not tried is to reset my DE and I didn't want to have to do that.  Any way to avoid it?
Jess BurghJess Burgh
Hey all! I've made a new DE and am still getting this error message when I edit "Edna Franks" profile. Has anyone run into this problem? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!
User-added image
shweta bhiwapurkarshweta bhiwapurkar
thank you @michael mullaney. I did spent few hours on the "role" issue before reading your comment. Wish the trailhed instructions were a little more clear. Wasted so much time on a silly thing.
Anne Librach 7Anne Librach 7
I keep getting the same issues: 
Portal Account Owner Has No Role
An account owner must be associated with a role to enable portal users or transfer portal users to his or her account. 

Click here to return to the previous page.

I have followed all other instructions.  It doesnt make any sense.  There is no location to put the role when you go from the contact to the user page to define them as a community user.
User-added image
​Please help!
Hank KuoHank Kuo
Hi, Jess & Anne, not sure if you've overcome the issue yet, but I think you are not missing the Role of "Edna Frank", but the Role of your own account. So you need to go to "My Settings --> Personal --> Advanced User Details" and edit the Role for your own user account.
User-added image
Hope this helps.
Jess BurghJess Burgh
Thanks so much Hank!! I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure this out!! Thanks again!!
Waruna Buwaneka 10Waruna Buwaneka 10
These 2 steps should be added to the trailhead module
Community Rollout Strategy > Create a Community User and a Sharing Set
  1. Set up > Users > [Trailhead User] > Role=[Pick from the dropdown] (It should not be blank)
  2. When setting the Sharing Rule, when setting up Access Mapping for Case, set User=Contact.Account, Target Case=Account and Access Level=Read/Write
smriti sharan19smriti sharan19
I am adding all the steps I took to complete this badge:

1. Go to Sharing Settings. For Case select public Read/Write/Transfer for Default internal access and Private for Default External Access
User-added image

2. Go to Communities Settings-> Go to Sharing Set->Click on New Button
Add Label
Select Profiles: Customer Community User
Selected Object: Cases
User-added image

3. Now Configure Access
User-added image

4. Create Contact Edna Frank. Associate the Contact with an Account to see Manage External Users
User-added image
5. Add case to the contact

6. Go to User. Create new user with Edna Frank 
User License: Customer Community
Profile: Customer Community User
User-added image

Tadda! 500 Points
kesava reddy 71kesava reddy 71
HI Smriti,

Step4: I am unable to find the all the three oprions - view customer user, Disable and login to community as user when i clicked the contact.

please suggest.

Kesava, if you haven't figured this out yet, consider starting with a fresh Trailhead Playground and re-view this thread?
Yana KudryavtsevaYana Kudryavtseva
This video helped to complete the challenge -
Hope it may be helpful for someone else!