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Yoga For Pregnant Women

Yoga is extremely beneficial for pregnant women as it helps to strengthen the muscles which is essential during the time of labour and delivery. If you’re a mum-to-be looking to do yoga, Zaazen Wellness Centre in Delhi has prenatal exercise classes and yoga for pregnant women which have greatly helped these ladies through their pregnancies as well as in the post delivery period.

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Ashlekh Gera
Mike NubianMike Nubian
As a beginner in yoga, I have come across references to the concept of "Shakti" frequently, and the idea of a powerful feminine energy intrigues me. I understand that Shakti is seen as a cosmic force that drives creativity, but I am curious about how one can cultivate and maintain this energy within oneself? What practices or habits can help me connect with my own Shakti energy and help it grow?
Kolin MacFarleyKolin MacFarley
That's an excellent question! Shakti energy represents the dynamic and creative force within us, and cultivating it can indeed lead to profound personal and spiritual growth.
To nurture and maintain your Shakti energy, there are several practices that you can incorporate:
Kundalini Yoga: This form of yoga specifically focuses on awakening the Shakti energy within. It involves a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and chanting of mantras.
Meditation: Meditating with a focus on your Shakti can be extremely powerful. Visualize this energy at your base chakra, slowly rising through your spine and filling your entire being with its radiant light.
Chanting Mantras: Mantras dedicated to the divine feminine, such as "Om Shakti Om", can be helpful in invoking and cultivating Shakti energy.
Embracing Creativity: Since Shakti is the force behind all creation, any form of creative pursuit can help you connect with and express your Shakti energy.
Remember, the journey of connecting and cultivating your Shakti is deeply personal and transformative. It is about uncovering your own inherent power and wisdom, and realizing your integral role in the cosmic play of creation. To get a deeper understanding, I highly recommend this enlightening article - What is Shakti? Discovering Powerful Feminine Energy It provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of Shakti and offers practical tips for harnessing this energy.