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Show Event Details in Lead Page.

Hello All,

I have a query regarding Apex please help me out,
I would like to show some details of event in Lead page ((Like meeting Status - Custom Field ) API name - Meeting_Status__c) 
this not the only one i want to show some Checkbox Is that possible to apex Trigger or should I use Apex Class.??
Please provide me a proper Solution or Reference.

I have Already implement this scenario please have a look.
public with sharing class Event_field_on_lead {
    public static String ldPrefix =  Lead.sObjectType.getDescribe().getKeyPrefix();
    public static void updateEvent_field_on_lead(Set<ID> leadIds){
        //Query all Leads and task-event child relationships//
        List<Lead> Leads = [SELECT Id, LastActivityDate,
                            (SELECT Id, WhoId, Meeting_Status__c, ActivityDate FROM Events )
                            FROM Lead WHERE ID IN :leadIds];
        List<Lead> updateLeads = new List<Lead>();
        for (Lead l : Leads) {
            Integer count =  l.Events.size();
            if (count != 0) {
                for (Event e : l.Events){
                    if (l.LastActivityDate <= e.ActivityDate) {
                        l.Meeting__c = e.Meeting_Status__c;
        if(updateLeads.size()>0) {
                update updateLeads;
            catch (Exception e) {

SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

This can be achieved through trigger please refer below sample code.
trigger ExampleTrigger on Task (after insert) {

    set<Id> leadIds = new  set<Id>();
    for(Task t:{
        if(t.Who.Type == 'Lead'){
    list<Lead> leadsToUpdate = new list<Lead>([Select Id, Name, Last_Activity_Type, (Select Id, ActivityDate, Type__c From Tasks) From Lead Where Id in : leadIds]);

    //This will cycyle through all the leads
    for(Lead l: leadsToUpdate){
        Date latestActivity;

            /*This will go through each task related to the current lead and find the 
            task with the latest date, and change the Last_Activity_Date__c fieild
            on that lead to the type of that latest activity*/

            for(Task t : l.Tasks){
            if (latestActivity == null || lastestActivity < t.ActivityDate){
                latestActivity = t.ActivityDate;
                l.Last_Activity_Type__c = t.Type__c;

    update leadsToUpdate;


Please refer below link for the same.
Hope this helps you!

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Thanks and Regards

can you tell me what is latestActivity in this code ??
and Sorry sandhya it is not working, there is some error like 
Variable does not exist:t.ActivityDate 
 Variable does not exist: latestActivity

 Please assist me ..

Thanks And Regards 
Bharat Sharma