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Mohan Raj 33Mohan Raj 33 

why the current and setting time difference is varying to compare to the manual calculation?

I have a formula field to calculate the setting and current time value difference is using by the following formula
ABS( Calculating_Date__c - NOW() )*24)

But in here I feel the difference in the answer by the formula and the manual calculation like as followingly,

In  case if the Calculating_Date__c value is 12/10/2016 6.20 AM and the current time is 12/10/2016 7.15 PM then the difference is coming by the formula answer is 0.20 but the manually the difference is 12.55(in hours).
So That's my question why the difference is happen and If I get to the manual calculation answer what am I do?
For Answer thanks in advance.Thank you, Mohan 
I think you missed one bracket. It should be
ABS((Calculating_Date__c - NOW())*24)
Mohan Raj 33Mohan Raj 33
@SalesFORCE_enFORCEr Thank you for your reply If I change my answer as like you also I got wrong time difference. For Example I entered the value in the Calculating Date value field(date/time  field) as 10/13/2016 10:24 PM as ate the moment in my actual time is 10/13/2016 11:12 AM in answer by a formula is 11.85 but In manual time difference is  11hour and 12 minute only (if my calculation is correct) .
So how to get my correct manual calculation answer and my time zone is UTC + 5.30 (india) if it is give any effect in my calculation of formula.please give the right solution of my formula.
Try this
(floor((Calculating_Date__c -  NOW())*24)) + (((((Calculating_Date__c -  NOW())*24)-floor((Calculating_Date__c -  NOW())*24))*60)/100)
Mohan Raj 33Mohan Raj 33
@SalesFORCE_enFORCEr Thank you for your reply. it's also providing the wrong time difference like the Calculating value is 10/14/2016 10.05 PM and the Now() value is 10/14/2016 10.35AM then the formula providing 23.59 hours but the actual diffeence is 12.30 hours only.I am also trying for to fix the bug if you find it forward to me the solution. Thankyou, Mohan