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Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler 

Error Occurred During Flow...The flow failed to access...

Hi at all,
i have a problem with the process builder.
I have a process for a "Order Item".
If i want to add a "Order Item" i have to set some fields. There are:
  • Order
  • Caterer
  • Menu
  • Quantity
  • Net Price
  • Description

Only "Order" is a compulsory field.
I want to add a "Order Item" without anything, so only the "Order" field is filled. But if I fill not the "Menu" field, i get a problem and a "Error Oncurred During Flow" mail send to me:
"An error occurred at element myDecision (FlowDecision).
The flow failed to access the value for SObject.MenuId__r.Name because it hasn't been set or assigned."

In my process I decide between:
  1. "Menu" is null false
  2. "Menu" is null true
If its true (1.) he is going on, if its false, he should do nothing.
This is the place he send ma a error!

Can someone help me?
It should be possible to add an object without any informations. If the "caterer field" is emtpy, this work without problems..but who is the problem with the "Menu Name" field?

Sorry for the bad english ;)


rizwan ahmed 16rizwan ahmed 16
Hi Lisa
1.Open the object where there is your menu Pick list field is presant.
2.View Fields in that Object.
3.select Menu picklist field.
4.click on edit.
5.disable "Ristrict picklist to the values defined in the value set" it should look like as in below image 
User-added image
Hope it work.
Mark is as best answer Thanks

Shaik Rizwan Ahmed
Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler
Thanks for your answer, but this field is not a picklist. It is a text field
rizwan ahmed 16rizwan ahmed 16
Hope this link will help u 
Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler
I tried it with [Order_Item__c].MenuId and [Order_Item__c].MenuId__r.Name Both doesnt work....i think nothing work... It seems hopeless. But I have to check this field too, because it it possible that dummy customers choose a Caterer but not a Menu...
rizwan ahmed 16rizwan ahmed 16
Use only "Name"
Lisa SeilerLisa Seiler
I cannot do this, because i need the relationship. Menu is a lookup from Order and Order_Item