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Display currency $ with value

I have a table where one column displays the account balance pulled from an object. So within one of the components referencing the field, it reads

<td scope="row">
            <div class="slds-truncate">{!v.property.NU__AccountBalance__c}</div>

On the customer site however, values are displayed as e.g. 2.5, 0. How do I display the value as $2.50, $0.00?

AbhinavAbhinav (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi DML2020,

You can use format attribute of ui:outputCurrency.
Please refer below link.

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Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi DML2020,

<ui:outputCurrency aura:id="curr" value="{!v.property.NU__AccountBalance__c}" format="$##,##,###,###.00"/>
Here you can replace $ in format attribute with the currency sign you want to display.

Thank you!
Suraj Tripathi
Baya AdamBaya Adam
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