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Editing file/ template for pdf using css

In our Salesforce org, we have a custom button that converts a certificate to a pdf file. The file generates 3 pages one of which is blank. How can I modify the file/ template using CSS to remove the extra spacing? Where might I want to start?
shajid paymashajid payma
I see a similar discussion on eq webmail (https://miswebmail.vip/) https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-ReactNative/issues/204 . Please consider posting this ask as a new issue on this Github link for better inputs and right visibility. 

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Adelle SkilesAdelle Skiles
Use the style sheet to define global styles, that is, the appearance of your template elements. You define PDF styles primarily using a subset of cascading style sheet (CSS) formats. You can also use XSL formatting objects (FO) to format elements in a PDF template. However, to simplify and streamline your code, use FO only for properties you cannot define using CSS.

sje lseksje lsek

Its not a tough task fr me as I am a website designer and have a very strong grip on CSS you can see some of my projects that I am doing using this language here (https://coffeemarto.com/).