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Thomas HauschildtThomas Hauschildt 

Looking for London based developer who can connect Craft and Salesforce

Hi, we are looking for a London based Salefsforce developer/architect who can help us to connect a sign up form on Craft CMS (created by someone else) with Salesforce. Our aim is to create/update contacts and accounts and to create new campaign members.
Thank you

Expect you have found the person now but in case you need any further work I am a UK based consultant with offshore team ready to help, feel free to have a look at www.ansonia.co.uk for future reference.  We carry out ad hoc work when you need it on all aspects of Salesforce
Stephan braunnStephan braunn

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Ralph RaolRalph Raol
Hi Thomas, do you still need any help or stuck with a snag in salesforce adoption or implementation? Please let me know and I can arrange a free workshop as well. 

Asley PatriciaAsley Patricia
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Umair HussainUmair Hussain

Thank you for sharing the thread. What more you in a craft cms developer? And it's fine to see that such a community is uprising. 

I've been into craft cms plugin (https://www.cloudways.com/blog/craft-cms-plugins/) and taking notes for further review. Thanks for your assist! 

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Oliyana Beth 1Oliyana Beth 1
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