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Vitalii Kaigorodtsev 7Vitalii Kaigorodtsev 7 

Retrieve values of ApexCallout event type from EventLogFile object.

Hello! It is possible to retrieve programmatically values of ApexCallout event type from EventLogFile object? 
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Use this query 
SELECT+Id+,+EventType+,+LogDate+,+LogFileLength+,+LogFile+FROM+EventLogFile+ WHERE+EventType+=+'ApexCallout'

and pass this query to rest resource

View Events in the REST Explorer
The REST Explorer gives you access to the Salesforce REST API, a web service that lets you retrieve data from your organization.
To get more information about your organization’s Report Export events in Workbench:
In the top menu, select utilities | REST Explorer.
Replace the existing text with /services/data/v<APIversion>.0/query?q=SELECT+Id+,+EventType+,+LogDate+,+LogFileLength+,+LogFile+FROM+EventLogFile+ WHERE+EventType+=+'ApexCallout', where <APIversion> is the API version you’re using, such as 46.
Click Execute.


Vitalii Kaigorodtsev 7Vitalii Kaigorodtsev 7
Thanks, Raj. But can I do the same using apex? I mean is it possible to get values of fields, like METHOD, TIMESTAMP, URL etc. from ApexCallout event type? Please, note, that Workbench doesn't see this fields.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You can call this API from apex class using rest API ..
Vitalii Kaigorodtsev 7Vitalii Kaigorodtsev 7
Shame on me, but I tried and I can't.
Can you post working example?