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Matthew P CraigMatthew P Craig 

I have created a managed package in a Developer org and installed it in another developer org and the PackageSubscriber Object is not visible to me, what needs to be done to enable this object?

I have created a Developer Edition org with a simple managed package.  The managed package is NOT in beta and it has been released.  I created a second Developer Edition org and installed the managed package and confirmed it is installed.

When I go into the Packaging org via developer console, OR workbench it informes me there is not object called PackageSubscriber.  What do I need to do to make this object visible?

I have read the documentation, but I find no documentation about why the object would not show up, or how to get it to show up.
Hao Huang 8Hao Huang 8
Hi Matthem,

I am having the same issue here, have you figured it out ? Thanks