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Shubham Sinha 43Shubham Sinha 43 

How to call future method from After insert trigger

hello ,
I am trying to call a future method from after insert but getting some error, below is the code piece  
     public static void updateEmailTemplateId(List<ID> recordIds){
      List<Case> cassesList = [SELECT id,THA_Case_Language__c,THA_Source__c, NPR_Member_Segment__c,Subject,
                              Email_Template__c from case WHERE id IN :recordIds];

         List<String> IdCase = new List<String>();
         //for(Case caseIters :casesList){
       //    IdCase.add(caseIters.id);
     //  } 
     List<Case> lst = new List<Case>();
       for(Case c :[select Id,Email_Template__c from case where Id IN :Trigger.New]){
      String templateName = 'THA_Tmp_' + DateTime.now().getTime();
        System.debug('templateName=' + templateName);
        c.Email_Template__c = 'hey bro';

       update lst;



calling this method from after inset trigger like ;-

 if(Trigger.isAfter && Trigger.isInsert){   

Error is - 
Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void updateEmailTemplateId(List<Case>) from the type THA_Case_Trigger_Cx at line 65 column 25.

Can anyone please help me out to know why I am getting this error and how to solve it .
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Shubham - You are running into this error because you are passing a list of cases

As per the documentation, Methods with the future annotation must be static methods, and can only return a void type. The specified parameters must be primitive data types, arrays of primitive data types, or collections of primitive data types. Methods with the future annotation cannot take sObjects or objects as arguments.

You'll have to pass a List<Id> rather than a List<Case>

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