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Ranjith DevRanjith Dev 

How to add URL type Detail page button in Community

Hi Team,

In Case Object i have a detail page button with URL type(  like : /c/PrintInformation.app?recordid={!Case.Id}&fieldSetName=FieldsSetName&sObjectTypeName=Case)

I want to visible this button in communitys( Partner / customer ). any possible cases. Please let me know
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
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Ensure you are adding the button on the page layout. It should be visible in the community 

Please see Create Custom Buttons and Links to learn more

Let me know if this helps, if it does, please mark this answer as best so that others facing the same issue will find this information useful. Thank you

Ranjith DevRanjith Dev
Thanks for the reply Anudeep, but my community UI build by Custom lightning component and this button is Detail page button with URL type.