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Krish NKrish N 

Auto case number based on a specific record type?

Hello Guys, We have around 10 case record types. We have one specific record type for our service cases. We want the cases to be assigned an auto case number whenever a new case is created. Auto case number shouldn't be assigned when cases are created in other record types. For ex: If there are 8 cases under this record type, I want the 9th case to to have SR-009 as the custom case number isntead of SR-020, assuming other recordtype cases are created. How do I acheive it?
Jithesh VasudevanJithesh Vasudevan
Hi Krish,
You cannot edit an auto number field like case number in Salesforce as it is a read-only field always.
You can create a custom field for that and populate it in such a way that it updates only when a record is created in the service case record type.