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Madhusudan Singh 19Madhusudan Singh 19 

Certification Doubts

Hi All,

I have doubts about the below questions.

1. An org has a requirement that the shipping address on the account must me validated by a thir-party web service, before the account is allowed to be inserted. What is the optimal way to meeth this requirement?
A. Make a callout to the web service from a custom Visualforce controller.
B. Make a callout to the web service from a standard Visualforce controller
C. Make a callout to the web service from an after insert trigger
D. Make a callout to the web service from a before insert trigger

My Answer: A
Reason: In this scenario we cannot validate Account on trigger and we cannot use standard visualforce controller as it will invoke standard process of inserting Account hence my vote for A

2. A developer needs to store variables to control the type and behaviour of a Lightning Web Component. Which feature should be ensure that the variales are testable in both Production and all Sandboxes.
A. Custom Metadata
B. Custom Object
C. Custom Setting
D. Custom Variable

My Answer: A
Reason: Other options are irrelvant

3. A developer wants to call an Apex Server-side controller from a Lightning Aura Component. What are two limitations to the data being returned by the Controler?
A. Only basic data types and sObjects are supported as return types from Apex Controllers called by Lightning Aura Components.
B. Basic data types are supported, but defaults, such as maximum size of number, are defined by the objects that they map to.
C. List of custom apex classes cannot be returned by Apex controllers called by Lightning Aura Components
D. A custom Apex class can be returned, but only the values of public instance properties and methods annotated with @AuraEnabled are serialized and returned

My Answer: BD
Reason: Field defaults are controlled on object level, we can return custom Apex type of data to lightning controller

4. A company manages information about their product offerings in custom objects named catalog Item, Catalog Item has a master-detail field to catalog, and each catalog may have as many as 100000 catalog items. Both custom objects have a CurrencyIsoCodes should be changed as well. What should a developer use to update the CurrencyIsoCodes on the Catalog Items when the Catalog's CurrencyIsoCodes changes?
A. An after insert trigger on Catalog that updates the Catalog Items if the Catalog's CurrencyIsoCodes is different
B. An after insert trigger on Catalog item that updates the Catalog Item if the Catalog's CurrencyIsoCodes is different
C. A Database.Schedule and Database.Batchable class that queires the Catalog object and updates the catalog items if the catalog CurrencyIsoCodes is different
D. A Database.Schedulable and Database.Batchable class that queries the catalog Item object and updates the Catalog Items if the Catalog CurrencyIsoCodes is different

My Answer: D
Reason: can do it on trigger as max rows can be updated is 10000 hence we need to go with batch class
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Madhu,

This forum's main intention is to help developers or people who are having issues with salesforce.

But you can't post this type of question here.

Salesforce Support.