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what is difference between web to lead and web to case in salesforce?

SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Aftab,
Both Web to Lead and Web to Case generate basic HTML to pass onto your website developer that would pass queries straight into Salesforce.
Web to Lead is normally Sale driven, e.g. someone interested in a product or receiving a call back from a Sales person.

Web to Case is normally Customer Service driven, e.g. My product doesn't work help me please.
Both are basic enquiry forms. You have a daily limit of how many can be created - this is to prevent spammers taking over. A word on that, mask the org id on the web page - as this is all they need to spam using the POST function.

One thing I found is that web 2 lead create failures (e.g. not passing a validation rule) email a system administrator, web 2 case does not.
Both offer a quick and basic way to get a public facing page up to get data straight into Salesforce and use the automation that it can provide.

Reference: https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/48912/what-is-web-to-lead-and-web-to-case-in-salesforce#

Hope this helps! Thank you
Kalyan RanjanKalyan Ranjan
A web-to-lead form is an essential component of marketing and sales automation. The aim is to capture data presented by website visitors, such as contact information and product interest, and store it as a “lead” record in a CRM product, in this case, Salesforce.

Web to Case is a tool through which you can post a simple, random web page that allows your customers to submit a case directly to your Salesforce.com instance. When a customer posts a case via Web to Case, a few fields are generally required, most importantly the name and the email address.