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Jega DeivaJega Deiva 

Data Loader installation

Hello there,  
Im stuck in installing Dataloader,I have also installed Zulujdk.When trying to open Dataloader short cut it quickly disappear.  
I've refered this link:https://deepikamatam.blogspot.com/2019/09/data-loader-with-zulu-open-jdk-11.html.
Any help please.
paul diracpaul dirac

Can this issue be related to some firewall/ anti virus security restriction? Maybe your connection has restricted access to some webservices also? 
I will try the installation/run in different scenarios

Jega DeivaJega Deiva
Hi Paul,

  Thanks for your reply.
  After installing Dataloader,when I'm opening Dataloader the command prompt quickly disappear. 
paul diracpaul dirac
Please Jega review what I wrote above and try the installation in different scenarios. It's impossible to identify your issue because the situation you described it too generic. 
You can also try to execute data loader as administrator if you are using a windows env.
Jega DeivaJega Deiva
I've tried in different scenarios & execute dataloader as adminstrator still got the same issue.
I'm not able to open it.
paul diracpaul dirac
So did you tryed either by opening DL from cmd and double clicking the icon?
Last thing I would try is to run the cmd as admin, then try to run data loader from the cmd and see what happen.
Jega DeivaJega Deiva
Please let me know the steps to run the cmd as admin?
paul diracpaul dirac

Right click of the command prompt ico-->Run as administrator.
Then go in the Data loader path e.g. if the folder is in your desktop type:
cd desktop

cd *yourfoldername*

then run the .exe


Jega DeivaJega Deiva
I'm getting this error

User-added image
paul diracpaul dirac
This issue is clearly related with eclipse and SWT frameworks, actually there is a thread open in stack https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20240663/apex-data-loader-error-java-lang-unsatisfiedlinkerror-cannot-load-32-bit-sw-t 

but proposed workarounds are not easy to implement unless you have some technical skills.
The easiestway involves a clean installation of JVM that must match the 32/64 bit configuration used in your machine,  try to follow the stackExchange guide:


I encountered several issues in data loader installation but none of them involved eclipse. JVM based application are often suscettible to those issues.
Hope I help to solve this issue